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Laminate vs. Hardwood-Guidelines to Help you Decide the Best Floor.

Choosing the right flooring for your home is a personal choice.The type of floor that you use in your home can boost its value, therefore whether you are constructing a new building or you updating your floors you must choose the right floor depending on what you feel will work or you and the available options. Although there are many types of floors, let me help you to understand the hardwood and laminate floor types so that you can make an informed decision.
On this site, you will learn more about the pros and cons of laminate and hardwood floors this will help you to figure out which is the best floor to use in your home. Laminate is an imitation of hardwood, the manufacturers use texturizing and embossing on the surface of the laminate floor so that they can make it look like natural wood.
You can choose between two types of laminate floors. It is easy to recognize the cheaper type of laminate and easily tell that it is not actual wood. The second type of laminate is precise, hence you cannot easily tell the difference with the real wood unless you are keen. Laminates and especially the expensive type has various advantages, hence many homeowners use them for flooring. Laminate floor has an upper layer of particleboard that placed above the stabilizing layer, which is the piece that looks like the hardwood, then underneath we have the base layer which stabilizes the floor and provides protection against moisture.
Hardwood floors on the other hand have a natural texture that is quite appealing to many homeowners. Hardwood floors are very durable although you should protect your hardwood floors from dents and scratches and especially if you install a softer floor. Hardwood comes in various stains, finishes, and wood for your to choose from, but when you select hardwood you have a crucial role of protecting it from getting scratched, and also if proper care is not given hardwood can be discolored if exposed to the sun over time.
On the other hand laminate floors cannot be easily scratched, and also the appearance does not change over time, hence for those people who have kids or own pets, this will be the most ideal floor.
Consider the water resistance capability, laminate floors are more moisture-resistant, hence a more ideal choice to avoid boards from shrinking, Warping, and also expanding in the rooms where there is water use, but, as a part of proper care, you need to monitor the humidity and also clean the spills fast on your laminate floors.
Let us also discuss the installation process. Installing a Laminate floor is an easy task. Consider the wear and tear based on the traffic when choosing the right floor.